New Material!

So, if you’ve been following me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you’ll have noticed one thing:

I am working on new materials!

Right now, I have two full length collections together and organized and of those, one is completely typed and just about ready to submit for publication.

My next collection is called, “Paperback Wings & Patchwork Eyes.” Admittedly, this was the working title of my first collection when I fantasized about my first collection about ten years ago. However, it got pushed aside when my first collection cycled through a variety of working titles.

So far, PBW&PWE has been typed and twice-edited. It is a total of 72 typed pages and about 12,500 words. It features 75 individual pieces that cover how it feels to be torn apart and put back together.

As I said, PBW&PWE was supposed to be my first collection: as such, it includes, nearly exclusively, pieces from the same time-frame of “Sparrow” — my feature collection published by Wintergoose Publishing.

When I decided I was ready to put another book together, I painstakingly went through my archive, which is hosted on a private blog and houses some 900-odd poems. I pulled all of the poems that I considered to be of decent merit and organized them into 13 possible projects. I have since combined similar ideas in order to consolidate these projects. PBW&PWE is a combination of three different projects: It’s namesake, Indigo, and The Star Children, which may emerge on their own later on if I have the materials to support them.

In addition to PBW&PWE, I also have 6 other collections in the works and 3 chapbook collections. Many of these products are sparse and need more material to be written before they will be complete and ready for the public.

I am currently looking for interested parties to read and review PBW&PWE before it’s sent in for publication. Is this you? If so, send me a message on any of my available social media and I will send it to you to review!



Kelsi Rose




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