Poetry Reading

I’ve always been relatively shy, pretty reserved. But when I was in middle and high school, I fell in love with the theatre and performed in multiple musical productions. Lately, I’ve been inspired to get back into performing and have been attending local poetry readings semi-regularly.

A few weeks ago, I shakily read through one of my favorite poems at the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel in Harrisburg, PA.

Before I left, someone slid me a business card with an invitation to become a featured reader. At this point, I’ve performed 1-2 poems a handful of times.

This Friday, May 26th, I will be performing at The Writers Wordshop in Harrisburg at the Midtown Scholar Book Store. The event time is 7pm-9pm if you were so inclined to stop in to see me, though I believe my segment would start around 8pm.

For more information, you can visit the event page on Facebook here.

While I am filled with nervous excitement, I am just that: nervous and excited. I have never performed my own work for more than about five minutes at a time so this will be a new adventure for me.

In addition to reading excerpts from “Sparrow,” my first book, I will also be including new, never before seen/read/heard poetry from a myriad of projects that I am currently working on. I have 7 full length books in the works as well as 3 chapbooks.

Hope to see you there~




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