First Blog Post

So, here it is, my first blog post. I have, for years, imagined that I would someday sit down and create a blog that I would hopefully get into a routine with. I’ve never really had a reason to have a writing blog and have never really had a whole lot to say that I needed my own space for it. However, I am at a time in my life where things are changing for me.

I have decided recently to try to have my book published. So I spent many painstaking hours cataloging all of my poetry from the past 5-10 years, anything that I deemed at least a little decent or that could eventually be revamped. I put it all onto an archive and then I began to weed through it. I collected about fifty or so poems that I thought I would like to see published and worked on a manuscript, going through and formatting, editing, proofreading everything until I was happy with it. And then I took a deep breath and submitted it to a publisher.

The publisher I chose, Winter Goose Publishing, I had come to know because an Internet friend of mine had some work published through there and I had “liked” their page on Facebook so I was often seeing updates about them. I noticed they had an open submission period for poetry and that is why I decided to take advantage of submitting my manuscript.

I honestly didn’t think it would go anywhere. I fully anticipated getting an email that said something to the effect of, “We’re sorry, but we’re just not interested” so after I hit “Submit”, I kind of put it to the back of my mind. I decided if something would come of it, then I’d be pleasantly surprised and if not, oh well. I could try again some other time or with some other publisher. Now, let me be clear about  one thing: for years, I have been trying to put together a manuscript to be published. Every New Year’s Eve, I say to myself, This year, I will do it. This year I will put together my manuscript. And then, I usually forget or life gets in the way.

What I got instead was a huge shock. The publisher had liked my sample manuscript and requested to see more. I eagerly polished my manuscript and submitted it. And then I waited. Anxiously for the next step.

A week after my congratulatory email, I was still over the moon, bragging to my boyfriend how he’s now dating a published author and being generally pretty pleased with myself. It is still sinking in. Somedays, it almost feels that it is not quite real.

My first book, “Sparrow” which is a collection of poetry that has been written sporadically over the past decade will be released sometime in 2016. We don’t have specifics quite yet. I am already thinking up my manuscript for a second book, but we’ll see how this goes first!

Stay Tuned for more~