Working Titles


I am releasing the working titles of my full length collections.

Why? To let people know that I am working very hard.

Now, if you know me in real life, you know that I am a pretty hard worker and I’m always busy. When I’m not working my full time job in Treasury Management, I’m playing with my kids, or enjoying time with my husband, cuddling with my dog. When I’m not doing that, I’m taking photographs, usually of my kids but also weddings, receptions, newborn pictures, events, you name it. When I’m not doing that, I’m working on my double major in English and Psychology which I will be continuing on in the fall at Columbia College. With that said, my precious free time is often monopolized by words- singing, writing, reading.

With these facts in mind, just know that I have always been a writer, so while it may take me a little extra time to churn out all these projects, I am getting to it!

My current projects are:

-Paperback Wings and Patchwork Eyes

-Chamomile Dreams

-of honey and heartbreak


-The River that Ate all the Rivers

-The Birch Meadow

-And Then, There Were None

These are in no particular order and apart from the first two, I have no idea when any of these projects will be finished. But Paperback Wings & Patchwork Eyes is a collection of 75 poems (as mentioned in the previous blog post) and Chamomile Dreams is a collection of about 80 poems.

PBW&PWE is a collection of poems about being torn apart, sewing yourself back together, the stitches and scars that remain and remind you of when you were once whole.

Chamomile Dreams is a little softer. Focusing primarily on nature and human nature, it encompasses a great deal of romantic poetry. Loving and longing.



New Material!

So, if you’ve been following me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you’ll have noticed one thing:

I am working on new materials!

Right now, I have two full length collections together and organized and of those, one is completely typed and just about ready to submit for publication.

My next collection is called, “Paperback Wings & Patchwork Eyes.” Admittedly, this was the working title of my first collection when I fantasized about my first collection about ten years ago. However, it got pushed aside when my first collection cycled through a variety of working titles.

So far, PBW&PWE has been typed and twice-edited. It is a total of 72 typed pages and about 12,500 words. It features 75 individual pieces that cover how it feels to be torn apart and put back together.

As I said, PBW&PWE was supposed to be my first collection: as such, it includes, nearly exclusively, pieces from the same time-frame of “Sparrow” — my feature collection published by Wintergoose Publishing.

When I decided I was ready to put another book together, I painstakingly went through my archive, which is hosted on a private blog and houses some 900-odd poems. I pulled all of the poems that I considered to be of decent merit and organized them into 13 possible projects. I have since combined similar ideas in order to consolidate these projects. PBW&PWE is a combination of three different projects: It’s namesake, Indigo, and The Star Children, which may emerge on their own later on if I have the materials to support them.

In addition to PBW&PWE, I also have 6 other collections in the works and 3 chapbook collections. Many of these products are sparse and need more material to be written before they will be complete and ready for the public.

I am currently looking for interested parties to read and review PBW&PWE before it’s sent in for publication. Is this you? If so, send me a message on any of my available social media and I will send it to you to review!



Kelsi Rose



First poetry feature, reflection

As I posted previously, this past Friday was my first poetry feature as a reader at The Writers Wordshop. I have been visiting the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel semi regularly and performing there. With it being a holiday weekend, it was not a huge turnout which, for my first public reading, I think was probably for the best. 

However, with it being a smaller group, it was a lot more open to questions and discussion and I even learned a little history while I was there. My husband surprised me with two dozen long stemmed roses making me feel like a star. 

With this reading under my belt, I’m continuing to look for opportunities to advance in the world of writing. The next adventure may be in the form of a radio show. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Poetry Reading

I’ve always been relatively shy, pretty reserved. But when I was in middle and high school, I fell in love with the theatre and performed in multiple musical productions. Lately, I’ve been inspired to get back into performing and have been attending local poetry readings semi-regularly.

A few weeks ago, I shakily read through one of my favorite poems at the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel in Harrisburg, PA.

Before I left, someone slid me a business card with an invitation to become a featured reader. At this point, I’ve performed 1-2 poems a handful of times.

This Friday, May 26th, I will be performing at The Writers Wordshop in Harrisburg at the Midtown Scholar Book Store. The event time is 7pm-9pm if you were so inclined to stop in to see me, though I believe my segment would start around 8pm.

For more information, you can visit the event page on Facebook here.

While I am filled with nervous excitement, I am just that: nervous and excited. I have never performed my own work for more than about five minutes at a time so this will be a new adventure for me.

In addition to reading excerpts from “Sparrow,” my first book, I will also be including new, never before seen/read/heard poetry from a myriad of projects that I am currently working on. I have 7 full length books in the works as well as 3 chapbooks.

Hope to see you there~



A lot has happened…

…since my last post. First, and probably most importantly, we now have a definite release date: April 22, 2016!

In addition to that, “Sparrow” is now available for preorder on Amazon here:¬†

I have also scheduled one book-signing event as well. I do not have all the details hammered out yet but it will likely be in Millersburg at the Millersburg Art Gallery.

I have started writing and collecting pieces for a second book (though it will be some time in the future). I will also be entering a writing competition for the second year in a row, for a chance to win a really monumental scholarship!

I’ve finally gotten back into my Tumblr, please look me up there if you wish: same name, different channel. (poetkelsirose)

I am so very excited, I can hardly wait.


There’s been a delay, which I’m sure is normal. Originally, we were anticipating a February release, but it looks like March is going to be a safer bet.

I’m still very excited about my book, but I find myself almost forgetting that I’m moments away from becoming a published author. Between the pursuit of two different degrees in different schools, working full time, wrangling a kindergartener, preparing for my trip to China, and managing my every day life, it’s easy to forget that I am a writer.

I have been beginning my next collection of poetry, though with my busy schedule, I would say it’s going to be some time before I get around to anything solid!

We’re getting closer…

As 2015 dwindled, my communications with my publisher and editor picked up speed as we worked on getting everything up to date. The acknowledgements, the dedication, the final draft of the manuscript, it all needed to be finalized, perfected.

I’ve signed off on everything. I’ve read, re-read, rewritten and sent it off.

As the release of my first book draws closer, I am filled with equal parts fear and excitement. I’ve never been so public about my work before. I’ve never held it out for criticism and judgement, not on the scale that it is about to be. I have also never published anything before, aside from the high school newspaper.

In the next coming weeks, the official unveiling of “Sparrow” should be happening. Keep your eyes peeled!


Until then,